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How do I start hunting in Oklahoma?

One of the most intimidating things a person can do is learn something new. Society has taught us that failure is a sign of weakness and that weakness in turn leads to more failure which then conditions us to stay in our comfort zones. Contrary to this projection, there is a new wave sweeping across society that is working to bust through this mold. People are becoming more conscious of where their food comes from and are now taking an interest in procuring it themselves by hunting. Celebrities like Joe Rogan and Chris Pratt, who are both vocal and open about their hunting and their appreciation of knowing where their food comes from, are evidence of this in the public eye. When you crawl through social media you see hashtags like #hunt2eat and #eatwhatyoukill and #meateater that are filled with people who aren’t hunting simply for a trophy on the wall, but are hunting to have meat in their freezer that is 100% free range, organic and most importantly, a high quality source of protein!

Grilled Venison Backstrap

Looking at where you want to be is only one move away from taking that first step towards going there. Thinking “I want to join this movement, I want to know where my food comes from” is a first step. Once you decide you want ensure you know where the meat you eat comes from and the quality of it, you have to move into this beautiful, confusing and quite frankly, overwhelming endeavor we call hunting. This is a journey that will teach you more about yourself than you could ever learn in any other setting. It’s also a journey that will give you a deeper appreciation for life, your food and the privileges we often take for granted.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of resources for anyone over the age of 18 to get guidance if you don’t have a direct connection to a hunter. That being said, the OWMA has pioneered a hunter mentor program to help new adult hunters succeed in this new journey! The OWMA is focused on promoting not just hunting, but ethical hunting, and we want this reflected in our mentor program. If you are interest in joining the OWMA and gaining a hunting mentor, click the link below.

OWMA Hunter Mentor Program If you don’t want to join the OWMA and get a mentor yet, I have compiled a 10 step approach to help in harvesting your first animal. We will expound on each step over the next several months to help you on your journey.

1. Asses your own abilities 2. Buy your license and tag and study the regulations. 3. Pick a bow or firearm you can shoot comfortably. 4. Practice, practice, practice. 5. Find an area you can get to and scout it. 6. Get away from easy access areas and have 3-5 different spots to target. 7. Plan your route to your spot and how you can move from spot to spot if needed 8. Dedicate a full day to your hunt. 9. Get in an hour before shooting light, stay until at least noon, move to another spot if you feel it. 10. Trust your instincts.

A hunter dragging out his deer

Discipline and patience are the two most important characteristics you need to be succeed. Those that do what others won't, accomplish what others say they can’t.